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I’m The Baby Coach helping new parents gain more knowledge, feel more confident to be able to trust their instincts. Experience gained as an Obstetric Nurse, Plunket Nurse, Personal Trainer and interest in holistic wellbeing. I advocate for all mums and here to help you thrive. 

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Hi I’m

Trish Martin

The key to enjoying your baby is knowledge and confidence and having the right support and guidance. 

I fully support all mothers and their choices. Every mother has the right to make decisions that are best for themselves and their families, and it’s important to respect and support those choices, whatever they may be. Parenthood can be challenging, so offering support and encouragement to all moms is a great way to help build a strong and supportive community.
This is what I’m all about.
It’s not up to me to judge, persuade or not give guidance because I may not relate or even agree with decisions made.
I’m here to help all moms be the best version of themselves.
To feel confident to trust.
To believe in themselves.
To nurture themselves and their babies with love.

Postpartum Support Packages

1:1 in-home or online postnatal support for new mums and mums-to-be

I’m your guide, your support, your unbiased expert, your cheerleader and your advocate. At a time when you need emotional support, practical advice and hands-on education, I’ll be by your side.

“I would highly recommend working with Trish if you have any issues with your babies sleep. From talking with Trish over the phone for an hour it gave us the confidence and tools to help teach our daughter to self settle without leaving her to cry it out. She’s a much happier kid for it and I really appreciate how Trish has gone above and beyond to answer any further questions I do have.” Sarah Triplow

Designed to support you and your baby in the first 12 weeks

Sleep Rescue Package

Learn to trust your own intuition

Establish nurturing routines

Get a good night’s sleep

Feeding support (without judgement)

On-call support & reassurance

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Postnatal support and guidance in the first 6 weeks.

Blossom Package

Home visits, weekly calls 

Guidance with feeding and sleeping

Newborn Care

Emotional Support

Creating sustainable routines

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Judgement-free, practical guidance tailored to you and your baby

My aim is to ensure you feel confident and secure through this new, beautiful journey, so you can stop second-guessing yourself, actually enjoy every moment of these precious months and experience the joy and balance you had expected parenthood to bring.

A restful sleep, a settled baby and a relaxed mumma – yes, it is all possible.

I’d love to chat more about how I can support you and your family.

How it Works


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It all starts with a conversation.


Tailored postnatal support

I’m your guide, your support, your unbiased expert, your cheerleader and your advocate.


By your side

I help you tune into your instincts and take control of your journey to parenthood without feeling anxious, second-guessing yourself, and no sleep deprivation.


Feel positive & empowered

Starting your experience as a new mum with my nurturing advice and support will be transformative for both you and your baby.


When can you start implementing a routine for a baby?

I would recommend forming a routine in the first week after the birth of your baby. This is why postpartum support and guidance starts before baby arrives so you can gain confidence and knowledge once your baby is in your arms.

Sleep challenges - Once engaging in your services, how quickly will my baby start sleeping better.

Changing sleep patterns takes perseverance and consistency. If you follow the suggestions then you should see a change in 3-4 days.

I see every baby and their relationship with their parent as unique. I help recognise what isn’t working or may be the cause of a baby not sleeping well. Together we find solutions and implement change that suits the family. While some sleep challenges are very common, others may be exclusive to you and baby.

Do you use the “crying out” or “extinction method”?

I don’t use the CIO method. When changing a pattern that is no longer sustainable or is causing challenges for you and baby, it’s normal for babies to protest and cry at times.

My support and guidance will help you recognise when your baby needs you and when to continue the settling process. At all times it’s about you, baby and the relationship you are forming and the journey you are on.

Do you support all feeding methods?

Yes absolutely, there is no judgment from me. I will support all feeding options.

Simple Steps To Better Sleep

The ebook will help you recognise why your baby is hard to settle.

Give you knowledge and tools to help your baby sleep better.

Plus get the sleep you deserve.

Did you say you would love more sleep!

Helpful Information

for all new parents

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A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a distant dream

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