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Trish Martin

I’m New Zealand’s Baby Coach, and I help happy parents raise happy babies

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a distant dream.

Baby consultant & postnatal educator and practitioner.
I know right now you might be feeling tired, overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting information out there. Which is why I’m so glad you’ve found me.

As a newborn consultant, I’ll empower you with the right knowledge and supportive guidance, so you can trust that instinct that already exists within you, and confidently make choices that nurture both you and your baby.

My guidance is nurturing, it’s judgement-free, it’s practical and most importantly it is completely tailored to what’s best for you, your family and your baby. My aim is to ensure you feel confident and secure through this new, beautiful journey, so you can stop second-guessing yourself, actually enjoy every moment of these precious months and experience the joy and balance you had expected parenthood to bring.
A restful sleep, a settled baby and a relaxed mumma – yes, it is all possible. I’d love to chat more about how I can support you and your family.

As a mum, former obstetrics nurse, massage therapist, fitness trainer and passionate advocate for women’s health, I’ve had plenty of hands-on experience providing nurturing holistic advice and support to pregnant mothers and first-time mums. I will walk beside you, helping you nurture your precious new baby, but also helping you take care of yourself in the process.

Our Packages:

The Rescue Package

The Rescue Package

Designed to support you and your baby in the first 12 weeks

*Cat napping

*Frequent night waking

*Witching hour

*Endless feeding

*Unable to settle

Blossom Package

Blossom Package

Postnatal support and guidance in the first 6 weeks.

*Guidance with feeding and sleeping

*Newborn Care

*Emotional Support

*Creating sustainable routines

Online Package

Online Package

Designed to support you and your baby 0-12 months remotely

*All conveniently online for you

*Great option for mums and bubs outside of Auckland

*Great option for international mums and bubs too

Membership Package

Membership Package

Monthly support and guidance

*Guidance when you need it

*Text and email anytime with a response time of no more than 12 hours

Simple Steps To Better Sleep

The ebook will help you recognise why your baby is hard to settle. 

Give you knowledge and tools to help your baby sleep better. 

Plus get the sleep you deserve. 

Did you say you would love more sleep!


Trish came to my place to help me sort out my 4-month-olds sleeping patterns. He was waking up multiple times in the night for no apparent reason and it was not sustainable for him or I and I was becoming sleep deprived and not able to function properly. She took the time to chat to me getting to know the situation and a plan was made. I now have the confidence to know what to do when he wakes and he is sleeping really well and a much happier baby because of it. I cannot recommend you enough Trish, you have helped us tremendously. Thanks for being very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable

– Natalie Gribbens

I would highly recommend working with Trish if you have any issues with your babies sleep. From talking with Trish over the phone for an hour it gave us the confidence and tools to help teach our daughter to self settle without leaving her to cry it out. She’s a much happier kid for it and I really appreciate how Trish has gone above and beyond to answer any further questions I do have.

– Sarah Triplow

I had been recommended by a close friend to contact Trish for any troubles I had that were baby related so I did exactly that once my newborn twins were born. Within the first 10 days, my husband and I were having difficulty settling both babies, our little girl in particular. Trish was fantastic! She came over to our place and gave us some great advice and suggestions then put her wonderful knowledge to good use. With the techniques she used on our babies, they instantly became very settled and went to sleep easily. Our twins are almost one month and I am still using Trish’s settling techniques. She has even helped with winding issues that are now under control. Trish has this amazing aura about her that is very calming. Perfect for settling babies! She has given me so much confidence and I feel I can now be the mother I’ve always wanted to be. I would recommend Trish in a heartbeat!

– Olivia Patton

Working with Trish has been so valuable in establishing breastfeeding for my second child. After a stressful experience with my first baby, I decided to be as prepared as possible with feeding my second baby. I found Trish on Facebook and really liked her style- practical, common sense and positive. We had a hospital and home visit with follow up contact at anytime. Trish’s approach was really helpful, especially when you just want clear advice. I’m beyond happy that our son is thriving and have had such a positive experience this time around. Take some time to invest in good support in advance. Thanks Trish!

– Janelle Hawken

A good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a distant dream

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Is my baby still hungry?

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Newborn Routine

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Dummy Weaning: Tools to help you kick the habit.

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Baby’s weight percentile.

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