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The Rescue Coaching Package

Disrupted sleep is all just part of being a parent, right? What if I told you: It doesn’t have to be that way.

Right now you’re probably facing restless nights with an unsettled baby, a stressful ‘witching hour’ or short naps and endless feeding.

You’re probably feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and desperate. After all, you’ve likely already tried every suggestion from your friend… your sister… your great aunty…  strangers on the internet…You’ve read the books and tried following the sleep apps.

And still, you have an unsettled baby and a very sleep-deprived (and grumpy) household.

Sleep deprivation can rob you of the energy and presence you need to enjoy your new journey with parenthood. And despite everything that social media tells you, lack of sleep is not a joke or something that you need to accept as ‘the norm’.

For your own self-care and the healthy development of your baby, it’s incredibly important to establish nurturing routines with both feeding and sleeping. Everything is easier after a good sleep – that goes for both you and your baby.

I’ve helped hundreds of parents finally – and consistently – get a good night’s sleep. This might sound like magic, but I assure you, it’s simply about having some hands-on practical advice to guide you, and the right tools up your sleeve to call on. Getting this guidance right from the start can make all the difference to those early days, and help you avoid the stress and overwhelm that sleepless nights bring.

With my help, you’ll no longer worry about disrupted routines (or no routine at all). You’ll feel confident about the choices you make and the boundaries you put in place around sleep and feeding. You’ll feel empowered, recognising the needs and cues of your baby so you can create an environment that works for both you and your little one.

Importantly, you’ll have a happy, relaxed and well-rested household.

Finally, get a good night’s sleep with the Rescue Package

This is an essential package for any new parent who is struggling to get their baby to sleep, find balance in new routines, or understand the feed or sleep needs of their baby.

In your own home, I’ll work alongside you to help you understand:

  • Your baby’s needs around day and night time sleeping
  • Settling techniques that work for your baby
  • Your baby’s cues – particularly around sleeping and feeding
  • Developmental stages and how they relate to sleep and feeding
  • Breastfeeding, expressing and bottle feeding support (without judgement)
  • How to trust and listen to your own intuition
  • Routines that work for you and your family
The Rescue Package is $320 

(Extra small charge may apply for travel over 25 km). A one week follow-up is included.

To book, get in touch on 021 874 749 or fill in your details on the contact form and I’ll be in touch.

Extend your Rescue Package with extra night-time support

For families who need additional support and reassurance, the Rescue Package can be extended into the evening or overnight.

This includes everything in the Rescue Package, as well as help with:

  • Witching hour
  • Bathing and settling your baby for the night
  • Introduction to dream feeding

This package is also great if you’d like to have your partner by your side so together you can gain more knowledge and double-down on the tools and understanding together.

The Rescue Extension Package starts from $420 (extended hours available) 

On-call support & reassurance when you need it

 It’s totally normal to encounter new challenges along the way. This might be night wakings, sleep regression or changes to sleeping behaviours. We can chat through these changes and work through the steps you need to reestablish good routines, without the need for a hands-on home consult.

60-minute online guidance and support available to you starting at $160 NZD

From late pregnancy right up to 2 years of age.
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