Dream feeds- here are some simple tips.

Dream feeding isn’t for every baby but it’s worth a try to see if your baby will sleep for longer stretches during the night.

It can work for both breastfed and bottle fed babies.

Great way for babies who are mixed feeding, bottle fed so that dads or others can also help with feeding.

? Dream feds are generally around 10 pm and ideally 2.5 to 3 hours after the last feed.
They need to have an empty tummy to feed properly.

? Baby is still asleep or drowsy. Because babies especially newborns up to 8-12 weeks have involuntary sucking reflex. So with stimulation of the upper palate and tongue they will suck automatically.

? Keep burping to minimum or not at all.

?If nappy isn’t too wet and not dirty don’t change it.

?Back to bed as soon as you can.

Some babies do wake during this process and it may interfere with their sleep cycles so it’s a little trial and error.