Online & Memership Packages

Guidance remotely and monthly
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The Online Package

Online Package via Zoom no matter where you are in the world.

Great way to offer support, guidance and education from late pregnancy to todllders 2 years of age or over. 

Personal online consultation in the comfort of your own home.
Flexible hours with evenings available so that your partner or extended family members can be present.
This is a 1 hour session which includes 1 week follow up to help you implement change.
You will be asked to write down questions before we start the online call and a diary of feeding and sleep in a 24 hour period, if this call is specifically about sleep. 
You will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and be part of helping you find solutions for you and your baby.
Any handout or resources will be given to you that are relevant.
A free Simple Steps to Better Sleep Ebook will be sent out to you after the session.

The follow up is a great way to give you reassurance , ask questions and help you with any difficulties you may have implementing the changes.

Cost $160

The Membership Package

Becoming a new mum for the first time can be overwhelming and the “village” we often talk about is very different these days. 
This is why I have created The BabyCoach Membership so that mums have somewhere and someone to call. 
Your baby will growing and developing quickly throughout the coming months. Sometimes these stages of development will have an affect on their daily routine. 
You may ask for advice on social media, have apps on your phone you follow or seek support and guidance from friends and family. But this advice may not get you on the right track and sometimes you may become even more confused and second guess yourself. 
Joining the Babycoach membership will give you update information, more personalised for you and your baby and you can ask for help and advice when you need it most. 
You can also join a free private Facebook page and catch up with other mums. This will be moderated by me personally. 
You can contact me online via email and text. 
Response time will be within 12 hours where possible or up to 48 hours if away.
Options for the membership are 
3 Months – $630
6 Months – $1050 ( One Month Free)
12 Months – $2100 (Two Months Free)
Payment in advance