My baby is fussy when feeding!

What could be wrong?


One of the many reasons why your baby may be fussy on the breast especially later in the day, is because your flow of milk is slower, they are tired or simply not hungry.

Here are some of the reasons that could be contributing to a fussy feeder.


?The milk flows quicker and easier the fuller the breast which sometimes can be frustrating for newborn babies.

?Feeding frequently so less milk supply. The production of milk is consistent so your breasts are never empty but it does take time to fill up the breast for the flow to be better for feeding. This is different for every mum and is also dependant on lactation itself.

? Let-down might be too powerful. Baby is unable to manage the flow of milk.

?Let-down may also be slow. This could be due to your Oxytocin levels being low.

Oxytocin is the milk releasing hormone.

Oxytocin is affected by stress levels. So the more tired and anxious you are especially towards the end of the day, the slower your letdown.

One more thing

Prolactin- a hormone responsible for the production of milk.

This hormone is regulated by oxytocin levels in mums.

If a mums isn’t producing enough oxytocin, the happiness and relaxing hormone, it may later the levels of prolactin which may let to lower milk supply.

This is why stress is a big factor for the production of milk.

Feeding frequently might be great for supply but this can also be counterproductive if you are feeling stressed and sleep deprived.

So a happy medium is key.

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