A diagnosis that is either dreaded or welcomed by new parents. Reflux is often associated when babies are vomiting, spilling, crying (often for long periods of time).

There are two types of reflux that is most commonly diagnosed.

I call them

True Reflux and Silent Reflux.

True reflux

is when babies are continually spilling or vomiting and is associated with a lot of crying post feeds or between feeds. The milk is curdled, smelly and your baby is finding it tough to settle with or without comfort.

The crying associated with true reflux can be quite high pitched and lengthy.

 Silent Reflux

Well I guess this is pretty self-explanatory.

Its silent, because they are unable to a diagnose true reflux because the true signs of reflux are not there.

Yes some babies will spill, however not as often as true reflux babies and there are generally unsettled with no other reasons for it. You may notice your baby swallowing often and seem uncomfortable when doing so.

There is no doubt in my mind that babies who are diagnosed with reflux have some form of it, whether severe or very mild.

But I do wonder that the babies are being diagnosed to quickly and put on anti acid medication when there are other possibilities at play.

From seeing several clients through out my years as baby consultant, plus also as a Reg Nurse. I can’t help but wonder if there are other options, other than medication that may help.

Babies with a reflux diagnoses also have the same symptoms as babies who are overtired, mums who have fast let down reflex or over supply. Snack rather than have a good feeding schedule and are highly spirited.

Typical signs of reflux



Appears Hungry

Relief with Sucking


Not Sleeping



Now let have a look at the typical signs of an overstimulated, over tired baby.



Arching of the back

Appears hungry

Relief while sucking


Not sleeping


Needless to say you can imagine why I get a little frustrated  why so many babies are put on anti acid medications without proper questioning and looking for more answers other than reaching for the bottle of meds.


Now I’m not saying that babies don’t suffer from reflux but I do urge parents to look further a field for other possibilities as to why babies are vomiting, spilling and unsettled.