Postnatal Anxiety or Depletion



“What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right”

Albert Einstein?

This is my new quote of the year?

On a daily basis I read comments on social media offering advice.

Advice to those who are reaching out.

Reaching out because they are exhausted.

Reaching out because they’re lonely.

Reaching out because they want or need  a change.

Reaching out because they are sad.

Reaching out because they are frustrated.

Reaching out because they are overwhelmed.

Reaching out because they are confused.

Reaching out because they can’t cope anymore.

Reaching out because they feel unloved.

Reaching out because she doesn’t trust herself.

And the one most popular piece of advice I hear, I read and is applauded time and time again.


IT’S NORMAL !!!!!!!!!!

To those who say it’s normal for a mum to feel

Exhausted ?

Lonely ?

Sad ☹️

Overwhelmed ?

Frustrated ?

Confused ?

Not loved?

Not trusting ?

Let me remind you to ask yourself these questions.

Is she me ?

Am I listening to her ?

Am I supporting her ?

Am I allowing her to trust ?

What is popular right now in this parenting world might be right for you.

But it’s not right for someone else.

What is popular right now may not even be helpful or even right!

Maternal Mental Health is a much talked about topic.

But nothing absolutely nothing is going to change until we actually start listening.

Listening with our hearts ?

Listening with our emotions.

Listening with open minds.

Stop failing our mums especially new mums because it’s the right thing to do or it’s popular.

A person is a person as a whole.

A baby is a person as a whole.

These are two individuals united together.

Treat them as individuals and their relationship will flourish- together